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Plyometrics + Ballet = Bliss

Hello dear readers. I hope all is well with all of you. I am doing great!! So many things to talk about. I know – “LB? What’s the haps, yo?! Have you quit ballet? Quit blogging? What’s the deal?” (In my head, everyone is under 25 and uses trendy lingo in his/her everyday conversations. Using words like “haps” and “yo” is totally the norm. In fact “totes” is often used, but I don’t want to scare you off with all my “cool” talk.)

Anywho – I have been here. Ballet-ting, working out and (the not so fun part) dieting. Yes dieting. Sweet Baby Jesus do I hate dieting. But the outcome is always worth it. I am actually on a “Weight Watchers” type of program. I down loaded an app that provides me with “points” and tracks the foods I eat. At my height, weight and age, I do not get many points. [Insert frowny-clown-face here.]. This diet is not always easy. I get hungry, but there are foods that don’t count as points (fruits and veggies), I literally munch on baby carrots between delicious meals of protein shakes, eggs with stir fried vegetables and hot sauce, ground turkey (turkey chili, shell-less tacos), fish and more and more and more vegetables! Mmmmmm. Are you salivating yet?! (The sad thing is, I am. Ha!). I also eat rice and raw oatmeal, but I limit my intake and I measure everything. I also eat spaghetti once a week because life isn’t worth living without noodles. So that is my diet. Pretty simple and sometimes boring, but it gets the job done. Oh yeah, and I no longer drink at all during the week. No more glass of Shiraz before bed for this fitness buff! Boring. [Insert frowny-faced-hobo here.]. It really isn’t that bad, but man do I miss fast food. I have abstained from crappy food for so long that I was even yearning for a cartoon (yes, cartoon) hamburger that I saw on the show “Bobs Burgers” the other night. Awesome show. Awesome food. Yes, I’m hungry. Enough said.

With the dieting, comes the exercise. I decided that since I am not in so many ballet classes, I might as well use the time wisely and get my ass in fighting shape. And I mean fighting shape. I want to successfully wrestle a giraffe to the ground with my bare hands. (Anyone? Answer: Step Brothers. Boom.). Honestly, I have wussed out with my workouts for long enough and I need to get my fitness-body back. Beautiful, brainy and brawny. That’s what a real woman is made of! Ha!

My plan of attack? Plyometric training. I created an intense circuit that is a combination of upper body weight training. and plyometric exercises. It takes 45 minutes to complete the entire circuit and by the time I’m done, I am toast. (Mmmmm. Toast. With jelly. *drool.). No breaks, no stopping, no excuses. I’m such a glutton for punishment. I have been at this program for one month and I am finally acclimated to it. I’m actually at the point where I can add one more circuit of exercises (I currently have 3 circuits, each has 4 different exercises and I do 4 sets of each). I’m seeing progress and I am finally leaning out and getting cut. I have a little more to go and I am confident to reach my goal by next month. I’m going to Disney and I want to look good. So what if it’s a place for kids! I want to be the most fit mama there!

Now with this program of dieting and exercises, you need to be patient. Remember folks – slow and steady wins the race. Stick to your diet, even if you don’t see the scale go down immediately or you reach a weight loss plateau. You need to keep plugging away at the training, no matter how tired or hung over you are (aka last Sunday – I had to make up for lost time!). In the end, you will see results and you will be so proud at yourself from setting, sticking with (and hopefully) meeting your goals! LB has spoken!

As for ballet, clearly my training has helped my progress. But the best part, I am feeling so confident in class now. My feet actually do I want them to. I thought the connection between my feet and brain would never happen. I am doing combinations with ease and have actually picked up my pace. It feels wonderful! My instructor, who still has us work on single pirouettes, asked me to start working on my doubles! Yeah! She thinks I’m ready for doubles!! (Ha!).

I need more practice and my instructor want me to take more classes. The problem is, in not ready (for her standards) to move up. That’s fine, I just have to find somewhere else to practice. And I did. There is a studio nearby that just opened up, and low and behold, they have an adult ballet class on Saturday afternoons! There is just one thing – the class is very, very beginner. I am not a beginner. However, this really isn’t a problem because only goal is to work on my alignment and improve basic technique. The teacher is spunky and has a youthful perspective on ballet. It’s quite refreshing. She makes me laugh and I have fun working on the combinations I learn at the other studio. The other day we were working on jetes. Well, the beginners were just running and then hoping over a stuffed alligator. Nope, the days of aimlessly leaping over children’s play thugs are over for me! I asked the instructor if I could work on my jete combination instead. Of course I can! The moto is “free you body and let your soul free with dance” here! When it was my turn, I tombe pada bourre glissade jete-ed across the floor (repeat 3 times!). I’m actually able to control them now. (Boom). When I was done, the women in my class liked it so much they wanted to do it too! I was happy to inspire the group. It is kind of weird being the best in the class. That’s a real first. Mind you, there are only two other students in the class, but I will happily take the title anyway! LB has no shame!

I am having fun with ballet again. I missed that feeling and I was without it for so long. No more stress. No more pressure to perform. Just a regimented, predictable, professional classical ballet technique class. Add awesome workouts at the gym and getting fit to that and that is what I call “pure bliss”, my friends. Pure bliss

I hope you are all doing well. I would love to hear from you so give me a shout!!

Kisses. LB



Arms – Boo on Them

Why are arms so hard for me to master? It’s not like I am mastering anything at the moment, but you would think that arms would be the easiest to accomplish. It’s not. Well, at least for me. The General reminds me often that I need to work on my arms, and despite my best effort, I still seem to struggle. There are so many things to remember when you dance ballet its hard to keep it all straight sometimes. Legs, arms, hands, toes, butt, chest, hips, and where they all go, add choreography and technique and BAM, you have ballet. So hard. So very hard.

I wish I could look “fluffier” when I danced. You know, like a leaf floating in the wind as I transition from one movement into another in a dance combination. I move more like a bull charging towards his pasture. “OUT OF MY WAY COWS, CAUSE HERE I COME! I AM GOING TO EAT ME SOME DELICIOUS GRASS!” I know – that is not nice to say and is not a fair depiction of my dancing. My point is, I am more “bull” than “leaf” when I dance. I think it is my muscular build that prevents me from looking as soft as I would like. I am quite “manly”. HA! I can’t help it. But not all ballerinas are soft looking. Take Diane Vishneve.

Diane Vishneve is an exquisite dancer and is very, very muscular. She is considered to have “unconventional lines” for a professional ballerina. Well, at least that is what one dancers said about her in the documentary “Ballerina”. [My fav BTW. If you haven’t already, watch it. So awesome.] I identify with Diane as a dancer. Now, I am not saying that I am an amateur version of Ms. Vishneve, but what I can say is that I enjoy her unconventionalism and can appreciate the athleticism that she bring to her performances on stage. Ms. Vishneve is like a bull/leaf hybrid. Powerful, but pretty. She is the type of dancer I strive to be. I am aware that I am going to need a lot more training to achieve my genetic goal. I have power. Need more fluff (and the means to control said power). Blech.

Moving on, back to arms. Arms, arms, arms. Going to keep working on them. The performance is coming and I don’t want to look like a bull(‘s ass).

Ops I did it Again!

I went to a dance supply store with Ms. Disney and I did it again – I bought ANOTHER pair of Gaynors.  I know, I know! What would I do such a crazy thing and purchase another pair of pointe shoes whan I already have a perfectly good pair already?  Well, the reason is simple, I wanted a softer shank (supple instead of extra flex) and I thought possibly that I could go a 1/2 size down.  The only pair they had at the store that had the extra flex was a size 8 (I currently have an 8 1/2), with a narrow width and sleek vamp/heel.  The shoes fit beautifully at the store.  See?


The problem? Once I sewed the elastic and ribbons on it was TOO TIGHT! I couldn’t roll down the into the shoe.  I didn’t know how I thought these would work.  I guess the it was because the shoes felt good on releve (not to mention they made my feet looked stunning).  You cannot wear a pointe shoe you cannot work on the floor.  Needless to say, I was upset.  I am over it now.  These suckers are getting sold on ebay and I am moving onto the next pair. You won’t hear the last of me Gaynors! I have only just begun!

On a higher note – I had a wonderful class tonight.  It was our fist class of the new session.  Last Thursday was such a disaster I decided I had to start practicing at home again.  So last night I slapped on my ballet shoes, made room in my kitchen and had at it for an hour.  My decision was a good one.  I felt more confident and class went much smoother tonight. *Joy.  Don’t you just love a solid class? It doesn’t have to be perfect; you just have to feel good doing it.  That is what matters.

BTW – I am watching the movie Beastmaster.  Do any of you remember this movie?  It is about this muscular dude who is all magical and stuff, and more importantly, he can talk to animals! (Lucky!) Along Mr. Master’s treacherous journey to save the kingdom from an evil wizard, he meets a beautiful (natural) red-headed peasant girl, gathers some pretty sweet pets (i.e.  a leopard, two ferrets and hawk) and fights all sorts of nasty unmentionable things (i.e. blood sucking lizard people, ear-leached lunatics and moody Harikrishna-looking guys).  Yeah, I know.  This movie is so cool, right?! It gets even better – the wizard has a coven of witches who, get this, have smoking hot bodies, but their faces are all old and ugly! Ewwww-yucky!  It’s like if you just looked at their feet and worked your way you would be like, “nice, nice, hot, hot, woah boobies!, nice, WOAH! WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED?!  NANNA GET THE AX!”  You should check the movie out just for the hot/nasty witches alone.


LB’s New Years Resolution

I actually have been contemplating what my New Years resolution should be.  I never really give much thought to having resolutions, because I always try to improve myself no matter what time of year it is.  This year is different.  I need to think more constructively about my goals, because I definitely have some and I really want to make sure that I see them through.

So, here is what I want to achieve this year:

I want to a more patient mother.  I think my kids, especially my daughter, would appreciate it if I attempt to communicate with them  more calmly as opposed to barking orders at them.  Plus, I need to remind myself that they are children, are learning every day and they will not grow up to be homicidal maniacs if they spill their cereal on the floor or right on the walls with markers.  I want my children to grow up to be responsible, hard-working, respectful adults.  I don’t always have to be stern to relay a point.  Patience with my children is my number one goal this year.

Nurture the relationships with the people who care about me the most: my husband, my really good (true) friends and family.  My husband and I are always working towards having a better relationship.  We have been together a long time and had our fair share of growing pains, but I am confident this year we are going to be on top of our game. Improving my relationships with good friends is a different story. I have not had many friends over the last decade, so I have forgotten what is required of me.  I thinking I am starting to get the hang of things! (Well, you would have to ask Ms. Disney about that). My family (i.e. sisters and parents) have also taken a back seat this year.  I want to start going over my dad’s house more often, especially now that the Bear is older and able to play with the other kids. My sister is also having a baby and I want to make sure I am there to hold that precious little bundle every chance that I get!

Ballet: I want to land a clean double pirouette, consistently, on my right; I want to be able to hold my leg higher in grand battement; cleaner turning attitudes; land a clean double pirouette on pointe; and improve my overall balance.  These goals are simple and just require practice.  What I really need to improve on, and will take more than practice, performing all of the technique I have learned. UG – PERFORMANCE. THE BANE OF MY EXISTENCE.  I have yet to put feeling into my dancing.  I guess I am so focused on what my body is doing I haven’t had the chance to just, you know, dance.  When am I going to just relax and dance?  The last couple of classes have been a little rough.  Everything seems so difficult and forced.  You should have seen me last Thursday – Ga-Ross! Anyway, I don’t know what I have to do to get myself to snap out of it, but I have to step it up the next 6 months.  I just need to trust my body and start feeling the music.

These are my New Years Resolutions. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe New Years Eve!



Cool (S)tats

I just posted my 2012 year-end blog review.  It is pretty cool that I have been blogging for 6 months now.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to keep up with the writing, but it has certainly become a part of my crazy routine.

For those who are so inclined to look at my stats, please note the following:

(1) The old-lady-smoking picture is displayed appropriately next to the photos of me.  It’s like the set-up for an anti-smoking ad campaign.  Scene: A beautiful, youthful, ballerina is pictured dancing happily in a green meadow.  The ballerina stops, slips her fingers into her ballet slipper, pulls out a dainty cigarette and places it in her mouth.  She begins to smoke…..POOOF! She turns into an old lady with no teeth!” …….AHHHHHHHHHHHHH MAKE IT STOP! OH THE HUMANITY!  Now that is what I call effective advertising!

(2) One of the most popular blog posts was “Poopy-Face-Tomato-Nose”.  This was also one of my favorite posts to write, mainly because I love the song. “One day three ducks went across the road; going to get some soda.  But they weren’t looking where they were going and a bus came along and hit them all.  Now they’re handi-capped-ed…Well, that’s pretty much it.  Handi-Quacks.  Any they never got their SOOOOODDAAAAA!”

(3) Two of the top terms that referred people to my sight was “old ladies” and “poopy face tomato nose.”  No joke, someone almost daily was using these search terms on Google and stumbled upon my sight.  Ok people, I get why you are looking for PFTN episode.  It is hilarious and needs to be viewed at least once a week.  However, I ask you, why would anyone want to look up an old lady smoking?! Seriously, what is the purpose of this search? What do you intend to find?  If any of you out there could please shed a little light on this issue for me, I would greatly appreciate your input.

(4) A total of 91 countries viewed my site.  Yeah-ya! My words are reaching across seas and into the homes of millions!…Well, more like the homes of hundreds.  Whatever! Still pretty cool if you ask me.  I have lots of views from people in different countries that speak different languages. I can barely speak English, but I am still able to communicate with people from countries like Sweden, Japan and Germany.  Amazing.

(5) Spicy Mermaid made the most comments on my blog.  Close seconds are BeautyGraceStrength, Kristen Gillette and Mercietchatons.  In last place we have Ms. Disney herself.  MS. DISNEY – THIS IS SIMPLY UNEXCEPTABLE.  YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE MY BFF.  THESE STRANGERS ARE MAKING YOU LOOK LIKE A CHUMP.  SHAPE UP OR I WILL BE FORCED TO WRESTLE YOU TO THE FLOOR, SIT ON YOUR CHEST AND PRETEND TO SPIT ON YOU!  THIS IS YOUR FIRST AND FINAL WARNING.  That is all.

In conclusion – Thank you to everyone who has found, followed or commented on my blog over the last six months.   [Of course, this excludes the people who wrote the mean-nasty posts I have gotten in the last month.  You know who you are.  You haters can just suck eggs.]  Anywho, your support means a lot and it has helped me through some trying times in my pursuit to bettering myself by learning ballet.  I hope you all have a wonderful year and I look forward to writing more in 2013!

On a side note:  If my theory is correct, the following image will be the most viewed image of 2013.  May the experiment begin!


[Isn’t that just HILARIOUS?!?!?!]