This is For Ms. Disney

For those who do not know, Ms. Disney is my best friend. She has watched my children since 2009. Next to me and my husband, Ms. Disney is my children’s primary care giver. She is kind, patient, silly and beautiful. Yes, Ms. Disney, you are beautiful. Sometimes I look at her and I wonder if she knows how beautiful she really is. Those blue eyes. So striking; and her smile. Very wide and sincere. Makes my heart sing to hear her laugh. I met her so many years ago and she was so innocent. She was fresh out of dental school and nearly married. Ms. Disney had a year of work under her belt and came to the abrupt realization that she may not be able to physically maintain a full-time dental hygienist job. Ms. Disney then found me and my family. I bless the day you took my phone call; and then took my follow-up phone call. Ever since, we have been best friends. We do fight like sisters. You don’t have any, but I know. I know what we do is totally natural. If I love someone, truly love someone, I am going to fight with them. Why? Because I am strong enough to be myself in front of them, and if so, I will eventually butt heads with them. We fight and then we make up. We learn and we grow. That is what me and Ms. Disney do; just like my sisters, my family and my husband. I hope she knows that. If not, she does now.

Ms. Disney has changed so much since I met her; she is so strong and confident now. Ms. Disney is exactly the person I knew she would become. I am so proud of her and her accomplishments. I love her husband and her family and I know that they will all continue to prosper for years to come.

ANYWHO (enough with the gushy stuff), I wanted to send a little “well wish” to Ms. Disney. Ms. Disney is training for a 1/2 marathon and is having trouble with her calf muscle. She has bought new shoes, switched up her training schedule and is still having pain when she runs. So, as a former runner, I am now coming to her (publicly) to announce my encouragement. Here it goes.

Ms. Disney: Running is no different from dance…..Well, in some respects. I started running when I was 19 years old. Before that – I did nothing athletically. I started working out because I felt fat. I felt fat because I went to a popular college and there was an abundance of blonde, skinny, young folk that attended there. I felt out-of-place; insecure. So, I decided to take control of my situation and get physically fit. I will never forget the first mile I ran (without stopping) on a treadmill. I was so proud of myself I couldn’t wait to tell my boyfriend (who is now my husband) my great accomplishment. I knew than that moment was monumental in my life. Scouts honor. I knew right then I would never forget running that mile and I never had. Fast forward 15 years and many, many more miles and I have run a full marathon and many 1/2 marathons. I can run up to six without pain or anxiety. Regardless of my training I can run. Why? Because I have been conditioned to run.

Why am I talking about this? Ms. Disney, I want you to understand that learning ballet is no different then learning how to run long distances. You have to train your body to sustain a movement for long periods at a time. This doesn’t happen over night. Your body needs to have the opportunity to build the muscle necessary to run long distances. This concept is similar in my desire to learn classical ballet – I am never going to have a perfect turn out (nor probably ever will) or ungodly flexibility without some patience and hard work! I need to keep practicing day-in and day-out, just like I did with running. Eventually, I will be the dancer I dream I can be. EVENTUALLY, Ms. Disney will be the runner she desires to be . “All good things come to those who wait.” Me and Ms. Disney are in a similar situation and never knew it. How cool is that.

This whole situation is really beneficial for my psyche in the end. I never realized that “running” was something I was actually good at and could help others to realize (and more importantly) it helped me put my progress in ballet into perspective. I need to be patient. I didn’t learn how to run 26 miles overnight, so why should I expect any different about ballet. More importantly. if I can learn to run 26 miles (which is not an easy task, mind you), than maybe I CAN become a good dancer someday. Maybe I can be confident to dance on a stage as much as I am confident to run on a road with other people in a 1/2 marathon. I just have to stick with my training and know that (eventually) everything will fall into place.

Ms. Disney – You will reach your goals. Take your time, listen to your body and you will not go wrong. If anything – LISTEN TO ME! I will never steer you wrong!!! Why?…..Because I love you and I believe in you.

Good night. ūüôā


Thank You

I just want to say “thank you” to everyone who has decided to follow or even glance at my blog since I started writing this summer.¬† I know I am no “Adult Beginner” or “Dave¬†Tries Ballet”, but still,¬†¬†it astounds me that anyone even wants to hear what I have to say.

You all help me be a better dancer.¬† It’s true.¬†¬†Whenever I think “I am not good enough” or “I can’t” I take a step back and then say, “NO! These people are depending on me too.¬† I am supposed to be giving them strength.¬† I can’t give up on me and I can’t give up on them!”

So, I just want to tell everyone out there, wherever you are, “Thank you.”

You make my heart sing every day when I check my blog.¬† Sing sing sing. ūüôā

Barre Work

I am happy to report that I have discovered a new adult beginner Ballerina!¬† Well, to be precise,¬†she actually discovered me and now I want everyone, in turn, to discover her.¬†¬† It’s important that we all stick together, agreed?!

Her name is Antoinetta13 and her blog is called Barre Work.

Alright ladies and gents – lets let this fellow adult beginner feel welcome in our blogging community. OK?


Shout Out to MasTega

Remember that awesome documentary called “Adult Beginner Ballet”?!¬† Well guess who has a WordPress blog and is following yours truly?!¬† You guessed it – the creator of the documentary herself, MasTega!¬† [Sorry about all of the exclamation points.¬† Can you tell I’m excited?!?!?!]

I must be really cool or something…..”Or something.”¬† I emailed her after watching the documentary again and thanked her for creating such a wonderful and inspiring film.¬† She wrote back and then started following my blog and now I am doing the same.¬† It pays to reach out in this world.

I urge you all to check out her new blog, give her a shout out, thank her for bestowing such captivating piece of art onto us unworthy peasants (kidding), whatever!



Shout out to My Serbs!

I have gotten a lot of views from Serbia as of late.¬† As¬†such, I wanted to give a Super-Serb-A-Licious shout out to all of¬†my brothers and sisters from Serbia who are taking the time to look at my blog.¬† My dad is Serbian and he is very proud of his heritage.¬† I don’t meet many people of this decent in my little part of the world, but when I do I am like, “HOLY COW!¬† You are Serbian too?! We should create a club!”¬† Our club would be small, but we would be the coolest club in town.

So – –∑–ī—Ä–į–≤–ĺ! (Or, Hello!)

NOTE:  I do NOT speak Serbian. I had to look this up on the computer.



Joy Joy Joy Joy Down In My Heart (Where?)

You know the Christian song, “I’ve got the joy, joy, joy, joy down in my heart.¬† Where? Down in my heart. Where? Down in my heart.”¬† It was sung in the movie “Frailty” (if you haven’t seen it, watch it.¬† Good flick.)¬† I am singing it in my head right now and I can’t get it out.¬† “Out foul demons! OUT!”

Why?¬† Well, I got a delightful message from a blog follower this morning and it brightened my morning.¬† The message informed me that I¬†now have¬†two¬†people from Germany who read my blog.¬† Really?!¬†¬†Whoot! Whoot!¬† I love me some Germany. (Did I mention that I collect cuckoo clocks?!¬† It’s like our new found¬†relationship is meant to be. Ha!)

I just want to give a super-duper-mega-loud shout out to my blog followers from across the world. Every day I look at my stats and see people from many different countries are looking at my blog.  Is my blog actually being read? Who knows.  The point is that there are 30 countries who have seen the legal ballerina blog.  That is awesome.  Given that I am a hermit and I will probably never leave my safe little town, this is probably the closest I am going to get to international traveling.

I want to let everyone know that your continued¬†support and well wishes¬†help keep¬†me¬†working towards my goal. I was having a particularly cw-abby¬†day yesterday (hence the White Zombie post – I love that video) and I didn’t know if I was going to be able to shake it by class this evening.¬† Well, that email helped.¬† It reminds me that I am not just doing it for me, but I am also doing it to try to empower other people to pursue and realize their dreams no matter what it is.¬† I may have an off day here and there,¬†but in the end I not alone and it feels good to share with others, like my home-skillets in Germany (What! What!).¬† So, thanks everyone!

I hope you have a fantastically terrific week! [Insert unicorn with rainbow here]