Disney Vacation Part 2

I have not been ballet-ing. Nope. No ballet for at least 7 days.

What I have done was vacation with my family. It was wonderful. Fun. Sun. Tanning these buns. A much needed escape from my everyday life and responsibilities. I was so far removed while in Florida I didn’t even take an impromptu “ballet pic”. Sorry. I just didn’t feel the need. However, there was a en pointe moment or two. I have to be true to myself!

Attached are some pictures of me and my family on our much needed vacation. Hope you all are doing well.

This is me and Thor. He was there, I was there. We decided to take a humble pic. Ha!


This is me getting (happily) attacked by a gator. Any questions? I think not.


This is my family at Animal Kingdom. Note the unhappy daughter. Yes, it was an eventful day, but she is my mini-me. Love her!!


Kids at the pool. This is all that really matters to them.


And finally we have Magic Kingdom. I never thought I would love this place, but I do. I had an amazing time. Love these folk. (Not pictured my mother-in-law, Kathy, and father-in-law, Tony. Wouldn’t not be Disney without them). 😘



Christmas Picture

Given the somewhat depressing nature of my previous post, I thought I would share with you a great picture taken of me and my husband during my company Christmas party! I know I look a little wild, but it was intentionally flamboyant. This has been a rough couple of months for me and I figured there is no way you can be sad in a sparkle dress, gold rhinestone stilettos and red top hat! Am I right?!



The husband and I took the kiddles to Olgebay park in West Virginia this week. It was nice just spending time with the kids. We swam, we went to the zoo, we played putt putt and hung out at the playground. The kids especially got a kick out of spending the night in the same room with the parents. I slept with my son one night and with my daughter. My daughter is the superior sleeping partner by far. My son woke up both nights screaming at about 4 a.m. for god knows what. Boo.

So, on the last evening, I saw a delightful photo opportunity by the lake. I posted both because I thought they were both pretty. Enjoy.



Silly Wabbit

My kids and I; looking the way God made us, but sillier.

photo jan1

Me and Bear doing the boo-boo-kissy face. Always a crowd favorite.


….and then that’s when things got out of hand…

Sissy as a kitty-cat.  (Meow).


Haven’t you heard? My son is a man of the cloth (err, I mean gown).  He is so holy.


Mirror, mirror on the wall.  Who is the funkiest ballerina of them all? Why, it’s me!!


I even stole a picture from Ms. Disney’s Facebook and got her involved in our shenanigans.  I couldn’t help it. 

Her face just screams “pee on me” doesn’t it? Ewwwwwww HA!


Family Picture

Like a good mother, I attempted to get an updated family photo so maybe (just maybe) I could use it on our Christmas card this year.  Well, the picture didn’t turn out exactly like I hope it would.  I couldn’t find anything to wear (surprise), my son would NOT smile and I looked taller than my husband in every picture (even though I am 7 inches shorter).  None of the pictures turned out good, but I am ready to bestow my family now that we are all better acquainted.

So, here they are.  This is my family.

This picture is an all around mess, but I couldn’t help but choose it. I was sitting there so long holding my smile that it clearly looks fake.  Then there is my son.  He was so wacky last night.  He would not smile, sit still or even look at the camera when asked.  This is what he gave us (that turd).  I straightened my daughter’s hair and she was so proud of herself.  When I was done she looked at herself in the mirror and said, “I feel like I am different.”  For the rest of the night she was strutted around asking everyone, “Don’t I look like a teenager?”  Ohhh boy.  Am I going to be in trouble in a couple of years or what?!  My husband looks handsome.  He usually photographs well (he is a turd too).  Clearly, the picture is not perfect.  But all in all, it shows how beautiful my family is and I am proud of them.

I am hoping to get better pictures on Thanksgiving.  Maybe we all can look nice (and sane) at the same time?  I know – wishful thinking.