Turn Out That Turn Out!!

Summer session has officially begun and while the class was good overall one thing pestered me the entire class – my freaking turn out. Now, some people have told me that my turn out is fine, even heard the word “good” flung around once or twice. Regardless of the intermittent compliments, I still loathe my turn out.

To be fair – my turn out devant is pretty good. But any tendu executed en ar·rière (aka to the back) is just horse shit. There I said it. My tentus en ar·rière look like complete horse shit! Call it a freaking curse. I watch the other students in class and it amazes me how even the most novel student can execute the step without wincing in embarrassment. Then there is my sorry ass. What in the hell is the deal, yo?!?! I stretch (mind you not as often in the beginning but at least 4 times a week) and have tailored my weekly workouts to focus entirely on my lower body and here I am. A sad-sack of a ballerina who can barely tendu like a lady!!

Question: Is LB a quitter? Does LB shy away from a challenge and acquiesce to defeat before even attempting to overcome the adversity that befalls her?!?!

Answer: Ahhh dahhhhhh. No!! [Who is that lady? She sounds terrible. Maybe a hug will help? Or a Xanex?]

Just for the record, LB is a maniacal (and often hilarious) beast whose sole purpose in life is to show her peers, nay, the world, that she cannot be stopped. She won’t be stopped. Because you cannot stop this force of a woman from pursing the impossible!!!

…Ok. I’ll stop being so dramatic and talking in the third person. That’s just c(w)eepy. (Says my son)

Anywho. Dramatics aside, I do want to attempt and make my ever-so-blah-turn-out better. It would make me happy to see improvement in this area. I challenged myself to achieve the splits – what the hell?! Right?!

So in my research I found an article by The Ballet Blog which provides a little insight in how to achieve your ultimate turn out. Warning: The stretches are crazy. Forget the butterfly – these yoga inspired poses will kick the crap out you in seconds!! I am going to work these stretches into my routine and hope I see some results. I’m tired of having a crappy turn out!!! I’m tired, I say!!!

If you have any suggestions or links, you just send them on my way! I need all the help I can get!


5 thoughts on “Turn Out That Turn Out!!

  1. Ugh. My turn-out is terrible! If you cure yours, let us know how. I blame BoyMowgli (well the non-ballet phase timing of his birth anyway) for mine.
    My current best turnout plan is to have another baby and be sure to get into class while my hips are still all loose and finding their way into their post-baby places. Let me know if you come up with something better 🙂

  2. I have no advice, I just came here to say I LOVE YOU. I’m 29 and 8 months postpartum and haven’t danced in, oh, I don’t know, 17 years? And have fallen back in love with ballet via Netflix documentaries (Ballerina and First Position) and today started the NYC Ballet workout DVD which totally kicked my ass (and I thought I was so cool and getting-in-shape in my fifth week of Body for Life… ahaha). I was Googling stuff like HALP! MY FEET DON’T TURNOUT ANYMORE! IS MY HYPOTHETICAL DANCE CAREER OVER??? and found you. Just when I was feeling like a fool for even considering finding a local studio, here you are. You’re a mom and a professional and you’re a fucking dancer. So consider me a loyal reader when this baby naps. Thank you for inspiring me. I AM SO EXCITED!

    • Hahahaha!! Yes!!!!!! You are so awesome too!!
      Get your booty out there and dance little mama! There is nothing to fear. As soon as you get acclimated to the studio, you will lose the “I am a total dork for being here” kind of feeling. Ballet is the shit and everyone has a right to experience it regardless of age.
      I am so glad my blog has helped to inspire you to find a studio and pick up ballet again. That is exactly the reason why I started writing about my journey!
      Keep me posted on your progress and if you have any questions, please feel free to email me.
      xxoo – LB

      • With hubby’s work and school schedule I unfortunately need to wait until JANUARY if you can believe that. Unless I find a great groupon and they happen to have weekend classes… In my mind I’m still young and single without a small person to raise and can train every day for 2+ hours… I’m in for a rude, rude awakening. So in the meantime while I’m doing Body for Life I’m also going to hang out with Ballet Beautiful ( I have classic and Body Blast ) and the NYC Ballet workouts I & II. Hoping I can start classes with some semblance of strength and flexibility. Har har har. How many days a week are you able to take classes? Many studios around here (major metropolitan area) only offer 1-2 classes per week. I obviously need to move to California: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtuGVjmmmAs

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