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I previously blogged about my desire to get back into the gym and increase my endurance. The gym has been going OK. I don’t have any desire to use the weights. I pretty much just use the treadmill or stair master, stretch for a half hour and go home. Ehh. It’s getting the job done, I suppose. I don’t think I am working hard enough though. Well, I KNOW I am not working hard enough. What’s the point of working out if you are hardly working, ya know?!

So Gynormica informed me the other day that she started to do the Insanity program. I am sure you have seen the commercials on TV. The workout routine is so hard that it is INSANE! I don’t have the Insanity program, but I did get the Asylum program for my husband for Christmas this year. It has been chilling underneath the bed since then. My husband planned on cracking that baby open in the summer to switch things up. I decided to accelerate the unveiling date and start it now. My plan is to do the program on Wednesdays and Saturdays, dance is Monday and Thursday and the gym on Sunday. I have done two of the videos so far.

So what does the Legal Ballerina think of the Asylum program….Well… is OUT OF CONTROL!! It is literally the hardest workout program I have ever done. The guy is a complete animal. He literally doesn’t stop moving for 40 minutes. After you ever jumped and/or planked and/or lunged for 40 minutes straight? That is what this program is like. After 2 minutes (yes 2) I was breathing so hard that I thought my lungs were going to explode. They didn’t, but needless to say I was EXHAUSTED after 10 minutes. Regardless of my fatigue, I stayed the course and completed the workouts. I was so proud of myself when I was done. Getting though those videos are an accomplishment. I am looking forward to seeing results from doing this program. I just know it will help me in my ballet. It just has to.

So anyone who is interest in purchasing one of these programs I say GO FOR IT. It does help to already be in shape, because it is really a difficult program. Even if you are really in shape, this is going to challenge you more than you expect. Even the people in the video bottom out left and right and they are supposed to have “graduated” from the program! What does that tell you?! I am really excited to see how this new routine is going to benefit me and help me become a better dancer AND athlete.

Yeah for me.


Adult Beginner En Pointe Really Exists!

So, it’s true. Adult Beginner En Pointe really, truly, absolutely, positively, exists. Miss Etherington is her name and she has a blog called I saw Miss Etherington’s YouTube video when I started taking pointe classes this summer. It inspired me so much that I posted it in my video side bar.

The other day, Miss Etherington posted a “thank you” on my February Fun post. How cool is that?! The “thank you” being giving her a shout out on my blog and posting her awesomeness for all of my followers to see. As I stated in my response to her, the video is inspiring to any person thinking of taking up ballet or pointe at an “advanced” ballet age. Well, Miss Etherington actually started ballet at the age of 19, but it is still counts in my book. It is because of Miss Etherington (along with my teachers, fellow students and family) that I believed that it was possible to learn ballet and advance to en pointe at my age. I still like watching her video. If you take a look, notice how nice her sous-sus is and how strong her legs look. Her feet are beautiful too. I can’t imagine how her dancing looks now. I would love to see an updated video.

Speaking of which, Miss. Etherington asked if I had any videos. Currently, I do not. I have thought about having my husband or my Ginormica take a video during pointe class. It would be nice to see how I have improved and where I need improving (which is everywhere). While I am no pro, I am confident enough in my pointe to actually video it and post it. It is a good possibility.

Where Has LB Been?

I know I have not been posting a lot.  It is due to a lot of different things. (1) I am crazy busy at work.  This is a good thing when you are an attorney (job security), but it doesn’t leave much time for blogging.  LB has got to make a living.  I have an extravagant lifestyle! (Yeah, right!) (2) As expected, training my little Sweetie Belle is a bit of a time suck as well.  Little dogs are not as easy to train and she is so small we have to carry her everywhere.  Oh yeah, she broke her leg last week too.  Yup, my son accidentally fell on her.  *Joy.  She is doing great, though.  Sweetie’s leg is in a cast, but she hasn’t skipped a beat.  Still acting crazy as usual.  She is adorable and fits into our family beautifully.  (3) My kids have been sick on and off and my daughter has been requiring a little extra attention to get her school work done.  Who knew First Grade was so intense?!  As for the sick part – I am currently blogging at 5:15 a.m.  Why?  My son has a fever (sleeping in my bed) and my daughter has an earache (sleeping on the couch next to me).  My husband is sleeping upstairs.  I thought that if anyone can nap during the day, it’s me.  My husband is more of a day person.  So, I am taking the night shift.  I was looking up homeopathic ear pain remedies and I thought, hell, I might as well clean up the house a little and get some much needed blogging in.

So, status.  I just told you about my Sweetie Belle’s leg. (Check).  I bought a new SUV.  I was sick of the lack or room in my Maxima and slipping around in the snow.  I purchased a Nissan Pathfinder and I am in LOVE.  Well, as much love as someone could be in with a vehicle.  I had the delear install automatic start and a DVD player and I am officially driving a mommy-mobile, but cooler.  Cause let’s face it, I am so very, very cool. (Ha!)

Now for dance, which is why you all read this blog in the first place.  Our performance preparation is well underway.  I am in the Level I, II, III and pointe.  We have started rehearsing all of the dances except for pointe, which I anticipate will begin this upcoming week.  All has been going well, except for the Level III dance.  I actually walked out of the studio and CRIED this Monday.  Yup – I am officially a dancer. Last year I saw a lot of tears flowing from my fellow students, but I never understood why.  Well, I do now.  Learning these dances are not only physically challenging, but also emotionally draining.  I cried in part because of the stress at work, but also because the stress I impose on myself to look good while performing.  I am worried I will look ameture next to the studios top students.  Who wants that? Plus, the General does not hold back when it comes to choreography.  Well, she probably does hold back, but she still challenges us.  Furthermore, she expects us all to perform and look our best come June.  In fact, last night she told us that we are not pushing ourselves hard enough.  We may look “pretty”, but she doesn’t want pretty right now.  Pretty can wait. She wants us to push as hard as we can, so come June, we look amazing.  I thought I was pushing myself, but when we did the Level II dance again, I realized I was holding back. The General wanted sore muscles today and she got them.  I plan on pushing harder at every class.  I want the General to see that I can go the distance, regardless of my age and lack of experience.  Let’s see if I can deliver.

And what, pray tell, did I run out of the studio crying about? The two attitude turn combinations that are (so far) in the dance.  The problematic one is the pique turn, fouette, turning attitude combindation.  Looks pretty if you can land it, but right now I feel like I am tripping over my own feet.  Like all of the turn combinations, I can do them in center when we just practice them alone.  It’s when I throw them into a dance when things get all crazy.  Sounds stupid, but my darn feet seem to get in the way!  After my little meltdown, the General sat me down and assured me that everything will come together by June.  I keep telling her that if she feels I am not good enough, she can pull me the dance at any time.  She says that I can do this and I need to just keep practicing.  Well, if the General says I am good enough, I will just have to take her word for it.  

I hope you are all having a great February.  I am personally looking forward to the Spring.  I miss taking walks with the family and working on my garden.  Ahh – adulthood. 

February Fun (?)

Hello everyone. Sorry I haven’t been writing. I have been pretty busy lately. Work is nuts, it has been snowing a lot (traveling has been quite the bitch) and of course, I am attempting to learn all of my dances. All have been pretty stressful, except for one thing. I purchased a new puppy!!!!! My fluffy little love bug is a one pound yorkie named “Sweetie Belle”. My daughter named her after a My Little Pony. So cute. Sure, I probably don’t need the extra responsibilities in my life, but I don’t care. I wanted a little puppy and damn it I was gonna have one. I got a good deal on her too. Don’t you just love a good deal?!

As for dances – things are going well. My level 3 and 2 dance have some complicating turn combinations. I’m a little intimidated. Luckily we still have a long time to work on them. Practice is necessary and lately I cannot practice anywhere but during class time. That is a far cry from this summer. I started working out in the gym again and that has been fun, but it doesn’t make up for the time I need to spend working on my pirouettes and turning attitudes. Soon I will have more room to practice – the gym I go to is opening up in a larger building and will have a separate room with mirrors to practice in. I can go anytime I want. I’m going to need it. I don’t want to look like a goon come June.

How is my progress? Well, it’s hard to tell. We have been focusing so much on our dances, I don’t know if I am improving or not! I do feel more stable with turns. Well, except of course, my right pirouettes. I am convinced it is a mental block. I am looking forward to the time I can turn without over thinking it. Next year? Who knows.

I hope to have a happy February. I hope you all do too.